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Our swatch stickers are the perfect tool to get those perfect Instagram-able swatches! Each sticker has 7 LIPSTICK cut outs which can be used as a whole or individually.

Vinyl and handmade! Size: Approx. 5.5cm. X 11cm


  1. Clean and dry area thoroughly, Ensure there is no dirt or debris as it could stop the sticker from adhering and cause bleeding.  
  2. Slowly peel the swatch sticker from the backing, if the negative space also comes up just hold it against the backing as you remove the stencil (tweezers can help with this). If you remove it too fast it can warp the design.
  3. Apply the sticker and pat down firmly, do not clench your arm or move too much as it can move or create gaps.
  4. Pat your makeup onto the area with your finger gently, slower, careful application will get the best results.
  5. Remove the sticker slowly and reveal your perfect swatch!

We have an option below to leave the negative cut out space in so you can use these for other projects! To remove the negative space use pointed tweezers and weed carefully.

These stickers are not recommended for sensitive areas such as the face, but can be used on other areas. If irritation occurs please discontinue use. Color may differ to one shown.