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Our multichrome Glitter Flakes perform and apply the same way a regular glitter would, except they are eye safe and plastic free! They are buildable and can be used lightly or packed on for a super sparkly shift.

A unique formula that is 100% cosmetic grade and plastic free, these are color shifting pigment foils that each have 3-5 magical shifts.

LAVISH is a mauve multichrome flake that shifts red/orange/green/gold/mauve.

Although they are eye safe, please take caution when applying due to the irregular shape. The flakes can be crushed down to a smaller size to make it more comfortable.


  • Glitter flakes are best applied with the finger on to a sticky base, our glitter fix glue works great!  Please note these will not adhere to the skin if you do not use a base.
  • Use a small amount of Glitter Fix Glue and allow it to get tacky, Too much glue will cause the flakes to clump.
  • Pat the Glitter flakes on top of the glue, to get the best finish use sparingly and build the pigment as you go.
  • For an effortless eye look, use an eyeshadow that matches the main color of the flakes, apply to the eye and blend then pat the flakes through the middle of your lid.
  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY, You don't need to use much product, these are a sparkle lovers dream.
0.2g jars are filled by weight of raw material, not volume. These flakes are SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT and fluffy, please take care when opening the seal as they spill easily if not handled gently. Color may vary to screen due to colour shifting formula.

Titanium dioxide, Iron oxide, silica, aluminum, zinc oxide